English short stories with Thai translation and 1600 words easy-medium level reading.

You cannot read an English article and cannot translate without opening the Dictionary and unable to translate at all. How to do? We have short stories in English. For this article, I have 1600 short stories for people who learn English. Which are taken from the ESLyes website which ranges from easy to medium With audio files and exercises Suitable for those who are starting to learn English.


Gonzales is a janitor. He was unhappy with his career. He is smart He knows he can do more in his life. Gonzales wants to go back to college. He had always dreamed of becoming a teacher. If he graduated college, this dream could come true. Gonzales, forty, said his children were too old to go back to college. "You will look like a grandfather." They joked "That's not true!" Mr. Gonzales said. “I'm going to be the smartest student out there!” Gonzales graduated from college four years later. "No one is too old to learn" Gonzales said. The children are very proud of him.

Story of My Mom and Dad | English Level 1

My mother is 45 years old. She is very nice and kind. She has short brown hair. She works as a nurse in a local hospital. She likes to cook delicious food. She does all the housework She told me bedtime stories. My mom is the best, I love you so much.

My Dog Story | English Level 2 Short Story English

My dog's name is Jojo, he's black, he's four years old. He kept the cat away from my house. If he saw a cat, he ran after it. He will bark when he sees strangers in my house, he never takes a bite, he eats everything his mother made him. But he likes to eat meat Whenever I come back from school, he will wag his tail. After i finished my homework Jojo and I play together. Sometimes he jumps and runs after me. I love my dog My dog ​​loves me too.

Old and New Boyfriends Stories | English Level 4

David has a new girlfriend. Her name is Jane. Jane is a shy person. She likes reading, she has red hair, she wears thick glasses. She is kind She loves her family, she has a fat cat, she is very different from David's ex Nancy. Nancy is impatient, she loves to watch TV, she burps in public. Sometimes she is mean She has a lot of money David used to love Nancy. She looks good at first. David found that she was not good enough for him. Jane is more suitable for him. He can imagine a marriage with Jane one day.


Going Bus Stories | English Level 5 Short Stories in English

Your car, Jackson is broken. She took it to the car repair shop. It had to be there for a week. Mr. Jackson needs a car. She has to take it to work from time to time. "You can go to the bus." Her friend said. Mr. Jackson never took the bus. She's so scared She thought that she would be lost.

"I've even heard of people getting robbed on buses." She said "You will be fine" Her friend said. Mr. Jackson got on the bus. It's not very scary In fact, she was very relaxed. She ended up falling asleep. She missed the sign for going down and late for work.


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